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About Us


The Cleveland Association of Broadcasters (CAB) is not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the quality of broadcasting in the Cleveland area. Organized in 1979, the CAB provides forums for issues concerning all segments of the Cleveland Broadcasting community, and fosters greater understanding between those in the broadcast sales, advertising and business communities. It also strives to increase the level of professionalism among these communities, and serves as a networking and educational organization for these communities. Additionally, raising funds for higher education scholarships for future broadcasting professionals is a main priority of the CAB.

The CAB Board, a volunteer, non-compensated group of broadcast and broadcast-related individuals, is responsible for the affairs of the organization. The Board consists of four executive officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and Directors at large of up to 21 members.

The CAB is supported in its efforts through Annual Memberships of the local broadcast industry’s companies and other fund-raising initiatives.


CAB Mission Statement

“The Cleveland Association of Broadcasters (CAB) works collaboratively in the industry to continue to advance excellence in Cleveland broadcasting through education, social interaction, recognition, and philanthropy.”